Cinema Chapali height 2  release date is fixed . According to producer Arjun Kumar this  Romantic Thriller movie will release on Bhadra  2  .Producer of this movie is  Arjun Kumar and director is Dipendra K. Khanal. . We can see Aayushman Deshraj Shrestha, Marishka Pokharel and Paramita Rajya Laxmi in the main role.  In this movie  the story about the romantic thriller collected from the facts of the city areas. In this movie  music by Arjun Kumar and Niraj Kandel, story of Dipendra K. Khanal and screenplay of Sann Basnyal. According to the director Dipendra K Khanal,  Chapali Height 2 will be a romantic thriller movie. There is Marishka Pokharel and Paramita Rajya Laxmi to replace Binita Baral in the sequel .

Chapali height 2Distribution of popcorn is the sequal of this movie .  There is a hope of chapali height 2 team that all the youth will like this romantic thriller movie .

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