Dilip and Anu

Dilip and Anu is coming in theirs upcoming movie Gore . Dilip is now in the United State  .  But, he starred in some movies during the display. GS movie makers prepare  movie Gore .

This movie contains Litre ka Litre Pokhiyo Maya  the song has been  public. Dilip with actress Anu Shah, Abhishek Giri has been played in this movie . Bikash Chaudhary music in  this song, Shankar Adhikari  words

Rames kumar Rai prepared under the direction of the film is the Surya GC investment. Mamta Bhatt , Gunnu Onsari also seen in movie .

Dilip and Anu | Litre ka Litre Pokhiyo Maya  | Watch online from Official Link here


G.S. Movie Makers Pvt.Ltd. Presents Feature Movie : GORE
Song :Litter Ka Litter
Singer : David Shankar , Nityashiva
Music : Bikash Chaudhary
Lyrics :Shankar Adhikari ‘Ghayal’
Cinematographer : Hari Narayan Chaudhary
Choreographer :Ravi Karki
Editor :Mitra Dev Gurung
Producer :Rupa G.C
Director :Ramesh Kumar Rai

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