DRAVYA Nepali Movie | Biraj Bhatt

DRAVYA Nepali Movie is an action movie of Biraj Bhatt. The story is by Suvas Singh Basnet. The movie presented by Uddav Poudel.Biraj Bhatt  has image of action star in Nepali film industry  as well as bhojpuri Cinema Industry.Read the Article about Biraj bhatta Comeback on Nepali cinema Industry .Biraj Bhatta come back – Upcomming Movie Parsuram.

Anup Bikram Sahi is also In This movie he has is acting on new movies like How Funny. Watch the Trailer of How Funny. Movie. Anup Bikram shahi is alo played another movie Hasiya.You can watch Full Movie Hasiya here

The actress on DRAVYA Nepali Movie  is Anu Shah. Also view the whole archive on Anu shah including her music video and modelig.Browse Anu shah archive here.

DRAVYA Nepali Movie | Watch full Movie of Biraj Bhatt & Anu shah

UPDATE Video removed from source


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