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Durgesh film announced Laure and love number

In this year 2073 Durgesh film announced Laure and love number  with Saayed 2 . There will three movie of this company in this year .  This three movie will be distributed all over country by DCN .

Saayed 2   is the the fourth movie by Durgesh Movies banner . Saayed Sequel Saayad 2 is directed by Pushpa Raj Neupane .  Pushpa Raj Neupane already worked at Bollywood as sub director .  This movie will release on Manshir 3 In tis movie we wil see  susil sherstha , kusal pandey , amrit dhungana , susil sitaula , syaron sherstha , nisha karki , rubin sherstha  etc .

Laure  will directed by Nigam Sherstha  .  Bikram singh and Salinman Baniya are in the main role of the movie .Salinman baniya debut from this movie .  The shooting of this movie start from ashar 23 .

Love number  will directed by keshav pandey  . This movie  will shoot at Austrila . Artists are not final for this movie yet .

Durgesh film saayad2-in2 Durgesh film Durgesh film


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