Department of Transport management Nepal has recently announced to use New Type of Number plates in Nepal for all vehicle with target to replace all old number plates within 5 years. we will discuss on the technology used on New electric Embossed vehicle number plate in Nepal.

This new Number plates have a Physically changes as well as some technology is also implemented. Physically Number plate will Embossed which means The Number itself will be more readable due to distinct and embossed Number on Plate. Physically it will have more visibility for all which will eventually help traffic police or authorities to quickly note the number.

Charge to get The Embossed Number plate is 2500 for 2 wheeler , 2900 for 3 wheeler , 3200 for 4 wheeler and 3600 for heavy duty vehicles.

Technology used in New electric Embossed vehicle number plate in Nepal

The New Number Plates will be equipped with Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag , It means its a small kind of chip which can be easily read and identified by Radio-frequency identification machine. The tag used on number plates usually is a passive and does not need any power source. The RFID tag used on Number plates can store some basic information and codes which is can be used by RFID reader and computer can use the data stored on chip.

Passive RFID tags can collect energy from a nearby RFID reader’s  radio waves and communicate. In simple word New Number plates will contain a special chip which can be read by RFID reader to verify your vehicle and the data can be stored and updated on Computers easily.

Benifits of New electric Embossed vehicle number plate in Nepal

  1. Vehicle movement can be tracked on various RFID check points , this will demotivate the vehicle thief and good for security purpose and many accident issues.
This kind of RFID antenna can be used to read your Vehicle tag on Number plate to identify and verify your Vehicle

How to apply New electric Embossed vehicle number plate in Nepal ?

You can apply Online for new Electric Embossed Vehicle Number Plate from home , Later after form fill up you will receive SMS alert to visit nearest Transport management Office when ready.

  1. Visit to Fill up form online for Embossed  number plate for Car/Bike etc
  2. Pay the Fee for the Number plate on Nearest Transport management Office
  3. To complete Online form You will need Document like (Photo , Pay slip of Fee , Citizenship copy , Vehicle details document)
  4. You will receive sms alert to Give your Bio-metric details (Finger print etc)
  5. After full completion you will receive SMS update after your new Embossed Number Plate is ready.

Download this PDF file if you do have Problem on Filling Up online form.

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