Eric Valli  is a well known photographer , movie director. His name is well known in Nepal since the movie Caravan (Himalayan) Nominated for Oscar and made the position of top 5. The story of the movie is based on the story of a Himalayan region  of Nepal. Min bahadur bham  is homegrown talent of Nepal who is now a most wanted name as director in Nepal as he gave Masterpiece move Kalopothi . This movie already won the Best film on FEDORA ans sent to Oscar representing Nepal for Best foreign movies.

Director Eric Valli to Team-up with Min bahadur bham
Director Eric Valli
Director Eric Valli to Team-up with Min bahadur bham
Director Min bahadur bham

According to the local  media reports Since both the directors are working with the story of Nepal and they come to an idea to make a Nepali movie based on the rural Nepal of karnali. According to reports the movie script is being discussed between Eric Valli  and Min bahadur Bham which will be based on historical story of Nepal at the era of Malla kings. Eric Valli  is cureently on Nepal to discuss the story plot with min bahadur bham if everything goes right the movie will start from 2018.

If you want to learn more about eric valli visit his blog  to know work of him movies projects and Photography projects are all showcased on this website.

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