Highway to Dhampus the movie made on Nepalese story has been released today 25th September worldwide. The premier show of the movie has been done in Kumari Hall this thursday. In the premiere actor RajBalav Koirala and his co-workers of the movie with the personnel of American Embassy were present.
The movie is cinematographed in a village of Kaski district, Dhampus. The story plot moves forward with actress Rachel Hurd-Wood as British model Elizabeth James visiting a orphan house in Dhampus with her photographer. She reaches there as a social worker.
Rajbalav koirala acting as Ajit is a pilot who transports the social worker to Dhampus many times. Elizabeth and photographer are shown as a insensitive character in the movie who later on become sensitive by selfless love of the children. Laxmi is the caretaker of the orphan house. Ajit and Laxmi are attracted to each other. During the flow of the story some incident happens and this changes life of all the characters.
The common story of the movie has a good flow and the two scenario of the story is shown in a common.
For the premiere show of movie Rajbalav Koirala and director of the movie Rick McFarland had come to Nepal. The viewers of the premiere show had given really good comments on the story and flow of story of the movie.
The review of the movie will soon be brought forward by Cinelahar team.

To watch trailer of Highway to Dhampus 

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