Archana Paneru is the name which most of Nepali knows due to her controversial actions. She interviewed and give various video footage with nude and controversial footage.She was in peak on Nepalese social media during her first interview she stated that she want to be a P**N star in Nepal.Later on she was purposed by Various Nepali cinema makers since her rise on social media (Negatively and Positively ). Many Nepali Movie maker seems to grab the opportunity.During this year her movie chesko is already on theater  and another movie Jism Nepali movie is in Pipline and trailer is released.The release date of Movie jism is scheduled for ashar 31.The upcoming Movie Jism was enough in news already due to shooting without permission on pokhara and government officials are imprisoned for few hours including Archana paneru.Archana Paneru and Surendra Budhathoki are on lead role in the movie.Producer of Movie jism are Kajal Giri and Riya Giri and Director is  Raju Giri.

Jism Nepali Movie Trailer by Archana Paneru | Watch Online

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