Khas Khus | Magne an Takme in New get up


Khas Khus
Did Magne and Takme can changed their get- up from new comedy serial

Khas Khus Comedy Serial  .In this comedy show Khas Khus we can see Magne an Takme in New get up . Kedar Ghimire and Wilson Bikram Rai start their comedy show from you tube   Due to the argue with Sitram Kattel actor of Meri Bassai  Kedar Ghimire and Wilson Bikram Rai left the  Meri Bassai and they start a new comedy show Khas khus from you tube .This comedy serial ie directed by Kedar Ghimire and Wilson Bikram Rai. Only 1 eposide of serial keep in you tube  but kedar and willson did not speak about serial .The many artists who play in the Meri Bassai now they are in this comedy serial . from one tv channel of Nepal  we wiil see   that serial . In this serial there are many artists –  Nirmali (Niru Khadka), Muiya (Sunita Gautam), Yaman Sherasta , Dipak Acharya , Sushila Niraulla , Suresh Thapa , Ajaya Regmi , Suleman Shankar , Yadav Thapa , Samjhana Acharya ,Bhuwan Siwakoti , Dharma Gandharba , Sandesh lamichhane , Sabnam Rai etc . All  the character are so funny and comedian . Nirmali (Niru Khadka) is also seen in diffrent character . In this comedy serial we can see Muiya (Sunita Gautam) as amazing role .

 Khas Khus | New Comedy Serial | Eposie 1| Watch Online

Credits Amma agni media 

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