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Liril Fresh Face | Excellent 5 Beautiful

Liril Fresh Face

Liril Fresh Face .Liril Soap is  a one of the known Product of daily use in Nepal by Unilever. Unilever started a campaign ‘Liril Fresh Face’ in the Nepali market which sole aims is to find the face that can boost the brand. Liril is one of the most used beauty soap in Nepal .

Liril soap and other products of unilever is famous among Nepal and around the globe . Fun ,Fresh are the tagline which describes the liril . To enhance its tagline  freshness and fun larger then life liril has started the hunt of a liril fresh face in search of the next liril girl who will represent the brand .The top five girls  choosed by the judge for finale  are Alisa shreshta, Pramila Thapa, Sonu Gajurel, saprina shrestha  and Manisha Pariyar .This program is live from on Sunday at 7: 30 in the evining  at kantipur channel .

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