Manoj gajurel is a Popular Comedian Activist of Nepal. Manoj Gajurel is a popular Comedy Actor, Writer and Socio-Activist among Nepalese People in Nepal and abroad.He was born in 29th of Baishakh 2031.Manoj gajurel is not only popular  as comedian but more as activist. Manoj gajurel supports lots of awareness campaign of political and social change. Manoj Gajurel is also actively involved in Writing. He already published Hanumyan and Lukhasta book. A radio program conducted by Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC)  Manav Adhikar Sikshya , broadcasts in Radio Nepal which is very popular specifically Manoj Gajurel’s popular dialogue Kura Garyo Kuraiko Dukha is loved by many people. Manoj gajurel comedy video are the most viewed and shared contents on Nepali social network users.

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Manoj Gajurel and His wife Mina Gajurel Interview

His most popular caricature are of Prachanda, the chairman of Maoist party Nepal and of EX-King Gyanendra Shah as well as Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

Short Biography of Manoj Gajurel

Name: Manoj Gajurel
Bith date : Baishakh 29, 2031
Birth place : Taplejung, Khebang, Nepal
Parents: Bhawani Prasad Gajurel and Indramaya Gajurel
Married to : Mina Gajurel
Child’s : Miroj and Memory
Activity : Comedy Actor, Writer and Socio-Activist

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६०१ नेपाली साढेहरु – Manoj Gajurel As Modi | Manoj gajurel comedy video

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प्रचन्डले लिए भूमिगत शैलिमा सन्यास स्वामी प्रचन्डम् बैराग्यम्, Manoj gajurel comedy video as Prachanda

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Manoj gajurel comedy video Comedy question answer with Modi Ji Manoj Gajurel


Nepali Comedy – Manoj Gajurel As कमरेड प्रचन्ड | Manoj gajurel comedy video

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Manoj Gajurel Comedy Video || The Making Of Lal Babu Pandit || Gaijatra 2072

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