Namuchhe Aama Dahima Tika Krishna Bhakta Rai, original video

Namuchhe Aama Dahima Tika

Song title : Namuchhe Aama Dahima Tika

नामुछे आमा दहीमा टिका

Singer: Krishna Bhakta Rai

Lyrics/Music: Narayan Raimajhi

Album: Preeti


This song is sung by famous singer Krishna Bhakta Rai. This song is very sentimental song and loved by many audience.

This song presents deep sentiment about the great festival of Nepalese Hindus. There is a trend that the people who are busy throughout the year and who are abroad for earning their living are supposed to return their home for the festival.

In this song a son who has been in army force sings the sentimental words to his mothers that he will not be able to be home this Dashain as he thinks his time has come and he is in war.

The words are really heart touching . The song was composed during the 10 year long civil war in Nepal. The son is in army and is in the war during the Dashain festival. So the son thinks that he wont be able to come back from the war and asks his mother not to perform the  rituals that are necessary for the Dashain Festival.

This song is able to touch the hearts of all the people in army and abroad for their living.


To watch Namuchhe Aama Dahima Tika Krishna Bhakta Rai,Narayan Rayamajhi

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