Pahuna A movie with Story of Nepal By Priyanka Chopra

Pahuna a story from nepal

Pahuna Movie features the story of 3 kids who flee from Nepal. The kids are separated from their family due to Maoist war in Nepal. Rest of the Movie features their struggle on Sikkim. Pahuna word means Guest in Nepali language.  This movie is produced by Priyanka Chopra and her mother Madhu Chopra.

Poster and teaser of this movie was released on Cannes Film festival. It is rumored that Nepali actress Jenisha Kc is also featuring on this movie. Government of Sikkim is also backing this movie for featuring Sikkim in this Movie. Purple Pebble and  Sikkim Tourism board are producing the movie. Pakhi A Tyrewala is director of this Movie.

Lots of Movie are based on story during Maoist Civil war. And this movie will be another movie to feature that time frame on different way. Recent Blockbuster Nepali Movie Kalo Pothi  was also completely based on Kids story during Civil war of Maoist. 

Poster of Movie Pahuna

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