Pardeshi ko Umanga Nepali movie of Kumar Bc

pardeshi-ko-umang nepali movie

Nepali Movie Pardeshi ko Umanga  release date is kartik 12 (oct 28) . This move story is based on a Nepali youth, who go to the gulf as a foreign employee to work and earn money. The story actual is somehow reality of nowadays situation of youths in gulf countries who are hard working there to complete the dreams with a lots of problems.

In this movie the major character ended up in the foreign jail for hang to death sentence. This Movie is a Nice and tragic story of how some our brothers face problems in Gulf countries even betting their lives they are working and earing for them and country. Since for country like Nepal remittance from Gulf countries are the major economic backup and this doesn’t enters to country easy.
The major actors on the movie are Binita Baral and Kumar BC.Kumar Bc is also producer and story writer of this Movie. Music on the Move is By Arjun Pokhrel and B.B. Anuragi . Action director is  Kumar Maharjan.Director of this Movie is  Shiva Sharma. This Movie is presentation of sagarmatha films.

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credits Budha subba

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