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Rolpa Rog Full Movie

Nepali Movie Movie Rolpa Rog is now available to watch online. Rolpa Rog is the story of the village of rolpa at the  era of Maiost civi war on Nepal ,  Rolpa was the most effected area of Civil war. The movie Features how the civil war slowly kicked from Rolpa and  the terror and pain and changes war brings to society .

This movie is produced by Thal Bahadur Oli and presented by Nirmali Oli. The music is composed by Govinda Madhur Acharya and Shishir Bhandari. In this movie we can see  many artists they  are Shishir Bhandari, Kuldeep Adhikari, Janak Thapa, Sushil Pokharel and Binu Khadka. The movie is made under A One Movie Makers banner. The choreographer of the movie is Ashok BK, cinematographer are Nishal Poudel  and Nawaraj Upreti. The movie is shot in Rolpa district. The singers in the movie are Govinda Madhur Acharya, Shishir Bhandari and Rita KC. This movie song is jaula kanchi was very popular.

Producer  : Thal Badhur Oli
Presenter : Nirmala Oli.
Director : Dipak Oli.
Actors: sishir Bhandari, Kuldip Adhikari,Janak Gharti Magar, Sushil Pokhrel, Binu Khadka, Ram Babu Aakrosh, Kasmir Rasailey, Mukunda Bhusal , Zohn Yonjan.

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