Love You Baba Movie by World’s Youngest Director

Love You Baba Nepali Movie was on Various media and gained a lot of national and international Buzz due to its guinness world records. This  Movie ha world record for Director Saugat Bista . Saugat has done this Movie at age of 7 years. The director of this Movie has set Guinness world for youngest director in The World.

Love You Baba Movie is under banner of Dance Fever aka Rhythm of Soul.Major actors on the Movie are  Gajit Bista, Nishma Ghimire, Ashishma Nakarmi, Sangam Bista, Nirmal Sharma, Bashanta Bhatta, Anmol Agrawal, Arjun Gurung
Direction of the movie is by  Saugat Bista wold youngest director he was 7 years and 354 days years old while doing movie.

Producer of movie is Samjhana Pokharel and Co-Producer is Roshni Bajracharya. Choreography is done by Gamvir Bista
and Action is directed by  Chandra Panta. Cinematography of movie is handled by Divya Raj Subedi and Editor is Pritam Pandey. Story is by  Gajit Bista and Dialogues of Movie is written by  Gamvir Bista.

Story of Movie features love of children and Parents. This movie was not so bog hit commercially.

Music on the movie is given by Satyaraj and  Swaroopraj acharya as well as Dipak Sharma and Pradeep Bastola.
Song Lyrics is written by Dr. Krishna Hari Baral, Shanti Priya, Chandramani Bhattarai and  Pradeep Bastola.

You can Watch Full Movie from official Link 

Saugat Bista World's youngest director
Saugat Bista World’s youngest director

Laltin nepali Movie Teaser and song release

Nepali movie Laltin Teaser song and poster is released recently. The release date of movie is fixed on Chaitra 21.Lead Artist on the Movie are  Priyanka Karki and actor Dayahang Rai.

This  movie  director is Dev Kumar Shrestha . This Move carries a Social message and its a action drama movie. Producer of Nepali movie Laltin is  Bhanu Pratap he already worked as an actor and done  negative roles in movies like ‘One Way’ and ‘Rato Ghar’.The story of the movie is also written  by Bhanu Pratap and Kiran Michael(jointly).

According to the producer of movie Bhanu Pratap clamed that movie is  made on the story reflecting the current situation of Nepal.This movie is based on the story about how police force handles criminal operations and viewers can find comedy, action and suspense flavour in movie .Other Major artist on the movie are Keki Adhikari, Arjun Jung Shahi, Arjun Gurung and Riya Shrestha and more.

Director Devkumar Shrestha had already given a Hit Nepali Movie ‘Luv Sab’. Cameraman and action director for the movie  are Hari Ghale and Roshan Shrestha. Music is composed by Dijraj Poudel, Kiran Michael and Binod Dhakal.

Laltin nepali Movie poster
Laltin nepali Movie poster

After poster release of movie laltin social media is already flooding with tweets and status on saying that the poster is copied from Hollywood movie Vantage point.


Watch teaser of nepali move Laltin
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Laltin | Poster released

 We can see Actress Priyanka Karki and actor Dayahang Rai  on the  movie of director Dev Kumar Shrestha . The movie  Laltin  produced by Bhanu Pratap  made on the story reflecting the current situation of Nepal. The director Devkumar Shrestha had previously directed ‘Luv Sab’. The producer, Bhanu Pratap is also an actor. He had previously produced a short movie titled ‘Napkin’ and had acted in the negative roles in movies like ‘One Way’ and ‘Rato Ghar’. The story of the movie is written jointly by Bhanu Pratap and Kiran Michael. The movie has tried to show the story about how police force handles criminal operations all with comedy, action and suspense in which besides Dayahang and Priyanka, Keki Adhikari, Arjun Jung Shahi, Arjun Gurung and Riya Shrestha can also be seen.This is the first movie that Bhanu Pratap is producing . The chairperson of development board Rajkumar Rai suggested them to make a hit movie and chairperson of journalist organization Shanti Priya, new chairperson of artists organization Ram Kesar Bogati wished them luck. Cameraman and action director are Hari Ghale and Roshan Shrestha whereas music is composed by Dijraj Poudel, Kiran Michael and Binod Dhakal.

Dayahang Rai is a Nepalese actor, director, and play writer. Dayahang is currently regarded as one of the biggest film star in Nepal.  Priyanka Karki is a Nepalese actress, former Miss Teen Nepal, VJ, singer, choreographer, a model, and a dancer. Before starting her acting career, she worked as a VJ for Kantipur Television hosting the shows ‘Celluloid’ and ‘The Glam Factor’. Keki Adhikari is a Nepalese actress and a professional model. She has looked in more music videos, television commercials etc .







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VIGILANTE | Nepali First 3D Thriller Movie

‘Vigilante’ is the first Nepali 3D movie.The movie directed by Dipendra K Khanal.‘Vigilante’ Nepali first 3D Thriller Movie is produced by Aasma Films. Priyanka Karki, Subash Thapa, Raj Ghimire, Menuka Pradhan, and Arjun Gurung in leading roles.The cinematography is Purushottam Pradhan  and  the background music by Tsujil Karmacharya.Vigilante is written by shyan basnyt.

The actress Priyanka Karki is played as Shristi, a modern girl and the love interest of Raj Ghimire’s character Ashish. Subash Thapa played as Niraj, a psycho by nature.and Shankar Acharya, as Khatri.

Vigilante’ starts with a suicide scene of a groom on his marriage day.six friends are seen on a bike trip and  the six friends have a lot of fun and discussion .When one of the friends’ bike breaks down, their journey is halted in an evening. While staying in the house of Khatri in the way, two of them disappear in the forest. Other four to enter the forest to find their missing friends. One by one each of them disappear in the forest.  The movie is mostly shot in a jungle and it states how a person can become ‘Vigilante’ for love.

You can  Watch full nepali 3D full movie Vigilante from official link here