Hurray Nepali Movie – Keki and Anup

Hurray Nepali Movie Is a Dark comedy Movie featuring Keki Adhikari and anup bikram sahi  and Bijay Baral on Lead role. Directon and story is by Yam thapa. The Movie features the story of the girl , who sells flowers as pashupatinat Temple. Keki and Anup previously worked together on Movie How Funny.

Major actors on Movie are Keki adhikari , Anup Bikram sahi , Bijya baral , Rajaram poudel ,Prakash ghimire ,ankit khadka , sangita napit and Upadesh Timilsena. Rajaram poudel is very well known comedy actors from various televison seriols like Jire khursani and Many Movies.

Shiva dhakal is Cinematographer of Movie , Music is Given by kaliprasad Baskota and rajanran siwakoti. This is the 2nd project of yam thapa is director his debut movie was rajja rani. Sonam Lama Blon is producer of Movie.

Sonam Lama Blon Producer of Movie with Kaliprasad Baskota and Yam thapa Director
Sonam Lama Blon Producer of Movie with Musician Kaliprasad Baskota and Yam thapa Director

Before this Movie movie  pashupati prasad was also based on story from pashupatinath temple. Pashupatinat temple is one of the holy places for Hindus.

Keki adhikari latest Movies are How funny , Mero Best Friend , Love sasha, I am sorry , Fanko , Laltin , Gham pani etc. Anup Bikram latest Movies are Bir Bikram , How funny , etc.

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Nepali Movie Dhanapati – Songs

Dhanapati movie Features surakshya panta , Khagendra Lamichhane on Lead role. This Movie was released on  ( Ashar 23) July 7. Business done by Movie is very exciting. The Investment (1.2 crore ) has already collected on 2 days. Earlier Blockbuster Movie by team of Dipendra k khanal and khagendra lamichhane was Pashupati prasad .There is Mixed reaction for Movies Between viewers , some people have given extreme good feedback and some has give feedback as boring story.

Sukha Dukha Song BY Nepali Movie Dhanapati . Khagendra Lamichhane, Surkashya Panta Watch Online here 

This  Song Of Movie dhanapati was written by Aadha Sur and vocal is by  Sarada Adhikari & adha sur. Major actors on Movie are  Khagendra Lamichhane, Surkashya Panta, Manish Niraula, Aashant Sharma, Surabi Bartaula, Harihar Sharma, Rabi Giri, Kamal Devkota, Prakash Ghimire and more.

About Khagendra lamichane

He is an author, director and actor and Writer. Khagendra lamichane was also a key person worked for award winning radio program Katha Mitho Sarangiko by BBC Media Nepal. Khagendra Lamichhane first movie as actor is from Badhsala. He is also the writer and lead actor of Talak Jung Vs Tulke. 

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Dhanapati a story from Khagendra Lamichhane

Nepali Movie Dhanapati features stars actors like Khagendra Lamichhane, Surakshya Pant and Aashant Sharma in major roles. This movie is Produced under the banner of Tukee Arts. After the huge success of Nepali Movie pashupati prasad this movie is second project jointly by Director Dipendra k khanal and  khagendra lamichhane.

Acting of Lammichhane was hugely appreciated since movie  Talak Jung vs Tulke and till now he is the only reason for many of Nepali Movie viewers. This Movie is a story of a common man who loves his family and country but he has influenced by politics. Khagendra is featured as man who was affected by war due to he has to flee from village and struggle at capital city of Nepal. Story of movie is written by khagendra himself. This movie will release on ( Ashar 23) July 7 on theaters.
Major Actors on movie are Khagendra Lamichhane, Surkashya Panta, Manish Niraula, Aashant Sharma, Surabi Bartaula, Harihar Sharma, Rabi Giri, Kamal Devkota, Prakash Ghimire and more.Music is on the movie is given by  Aadha Sur.

Surkashya Panta is featured as lead actress and couple of khagendra on movie. Her debut movie was ajhai pani . She has completed her engineering degree in civil engineer but she choose to pursue her career on Nepali movie  industry.We wish all the best entire movie team.

Dhanapati Movie trailer 

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PALASH – Kameshwor Chaurasiya as Villian

Kameshwor Chaurasia is a Rising superstar In Nepali Movie industry. His acting is getting lots of appreciation from Nepali Movie Fans. His another movie with great role PALASH is going to be released on Chaitra 18 (March 31 2017). He is also already signed for a comedy nepali Movie Fateko jutta.

PALASH Nepali Movie features Rekha Thapa, Aayub KC, Kameshwor Chaurasiya, Prakash Ghimire, Kamal Devkota as major artist. Rekha thapa is doing little different role then her traditional types of movie. Trailer of Movie is so attractive Movie seems to be crime and action cinema with love story.This Movie is presentation of KP Films and Directed by Subash Koirala.
Diolouge of the movie is written by Kameshwor Chaurasiya and story is by aayub kc.

PALASH  – Trailer Kameshwor Chaurasiya as Villian

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JATRA Nepali Movie | Trailer

JATRA Nepali Movie is presentation of Shatkon Arts Production. Major actors on this movies has the background working as theater actors. The major actors on the  movies are Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Rabindra Jha, Barsha Raut, Prechya Bajracharya, Prakash Ghimire, Praween Khatiwada, Kamalmani Nepal, BholaRaj Sapkota, Nilkaji Shakya, Sajan Thapa Magar, Priyanka Jha, Suresh Karki and Safar Pokharel.

The story of movie is written by pradip bhattrai a well known writer already gave great stories and direction for maha sanchar. Pradip bhattrai is directing this nepali movie jatra.Rabindra singh Baniya also known as hanumanji after the role of hanumanji on nepali movie pashupati prasad is producer of movie his previous movie was super hit Nepali movie Talakjung Vs Tulke as producer .

This movie based on the story of 3  shopkeeper (one barber ) of the oldest market of Capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu Asan and indrachowk is featured . Story is mainly focuses on these three character who are frustrated regarding their earnings and accidentally found 3 crore Nepali rupees. The story revolves on  the money and their plan to make found money white. This movie story is well plotted and actors are superb we hope this movie will bang the box office.

Some actor crew in this movie  includes the actors from the movie pashupati prasad like BARSHA RAUT, BIPIN KARKI. And PRAKASH GHIMIRE, RABINDRA SINGH BANIYA, RABINDRA JHA, PRABIN KHTIWADA etc.These actors on the movie are from theater background (Drama). Release date of movie is scheduled on Magsir 19.

This movie is debut for Prechya Bajracharya she is very well known as pari on youtube(singer).Find the channel of Prechya here.

Watch trailer of Jatra Nepali Movie 

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