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Kri | कृ , Nepali Movie

Anmol Kc, Anoop Bikram Shahi, Aditi Budhathoki are the lead actors on Movie Kri. Director of Movie is Surendra Poudel and producer are Bhuwan K.C and Subash Giri.Story of the Movie is also from Director himself. Kri will be releasing date on Magh 26 (Feb 9 2017).

In this Movie Anamol Kc is with Aditi Budathoki , on his Previous movies he was with Prakriti Shrestha on movie Hostel, Aana Sharma on movie Jerryy,  Samragyee RL Shah on Dreams, Shristi Shrestha on Movie gajalu . This is Debut Movie of Aditi Budathoki as she was well known as model previously.Other major artist on the Movie are Kameshwor Chaurasiya ,Saroj Khanal, Laxmi Giri, Rupa Rana,Sudam,Amit Giri,Tika Bhakta Jirel,Arjesh Regmi. Kameshwor Chaurasiya is on role of Police supporting the main Villain Anoop Bikram Shahi.

Music on the movie is done by  Almoda Upreti Rana and Bisesh Pandey.

Kri | कृ , Nepali Movie What is The meaning of  Kri | कृ ?

Kri is a Sankrit word meaning Do / Make . The title name of Movie is really interesting since its very short and catchy word. Movie is a Story of revenge and Love so we can see Lots of action on the Movie. As trailer of Movie is already released you can Watch it here . The Trailer is hugely welcomed by audience anamol looks perfect on action and love both avatar and aditi’s acting is also great even its debut Movie of her.

Sound and action effects are both good and compared to international movies , Villain also seem so strong character handled by Anup Bikram. I couldn’t find any complain on trailer of Kri except i was expecting more rough dialogue delivery from anamol as his look.

Kri | कृ , Nepali Movie Story Line 

As reference  from IMBD the story of Kri is a story of a British gorkha Lover boy . A revenge Story of a Hurt Lover.

For kri anamol made the record of highest paid actor, he charged  charged 20 Lakh NRS for lead role on Movie. The Overall Budget of Movie is expected to be of 3 crore . With successful Movie Previously  like hostel , Jerry, Gajalu  and Dreams has a lots of fan following.

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Subba Sab Nepali movie Featuring Jiwan Luitel

Nepali Movie subba sab is releasing on Ashoj 21 on the ossacasion of nepali Festival dashain. Major actors on The movie are Saroj Khanal, Jiwan Luitel, Gauri Malla, Barsha siwakoti, Mahima Silwal, Ram Chandra Adhikari, Surbir Pandit, Dipak Dhakal, Arjun Gautam and more. Dipak Adhikari is assistant director in nepali movie subba sab. Singer on the movie are  Anju Panta, Milan Amatya, Sanjay Tamruk, Sanjog Yogi. This movie is Social drama movie which Features dashain on its story.

Saroj Khanal other 2 movies are also coming soon prem geet 2 and ma yesto geet gauchu . Barsha siwakoti previously done a short role in the Movie Nai nabhannu la 2 . The part of Nai nabhannu la 4 is featuring Paul shah.

The movie is directed by Raju adhikari and story of the movie is By Hira Mani Neupane. Saroj khanal is continuing Nepali movies after long time. Saroj khanal worked recently on Hit Movie prem geet.

Other Hits movie from jeevan luitel available to watch online are

Director : Raju Adhikari
Actors : Saroj Khanal, Jiwan Luetil, Gauri Malla, Barsha siwakoti, Mahima Silwal, Ram Chandra Adhikari, Surbir Pandit, Dipak Dhakal, Arjun Gautam
Story  : Hira Mani Neupane
Singer : Anju Panta, Milan Amatya, Sanjay Tamruk

Trailer of nepali movie Subba Sab

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Ma yesto geet gauchu Ft Paul shah

Ma yesto geet gauchu Nepali movie is announced by directer Sudarshan thapa. He announced this project from the song of Nepali movie Prem geet which was very popular Movie directed by Sudarshan thapa. Despite that producer of prem geet santosh sen also already announced Prem geet 2.

According to the director Nepali movie Ma yesto geet gauchu will have major artist  as paul shah and pooja sharma including Saroj khanal. Shooting of movie will start after Tihar festival of Nepal. Story for the movie is by Director himself.

Popular Movies by Pooja sharma are chankhe shankhe pankhe and Prem geet. Paul shah is the nepali Model as well as actor with huge fan following. Looks of Paul shah is very appreciated By Nepali Viewers. Paul Shah another upcoming movie  is Nai nabhannu la 4.

Ma yesto geet gauchu
poster of Nepali movie Ma yesto geet gauchu

Hero Returns | Rekha thapa in Sabin Shrestha debut production

On August 2, 2016 in Kathmandu , The debut movie of actor Sabin Shrestha, Hero Returns was formally announced .  Rekha Thapa will also be featured in a leading role in this movie . With Rekha Thapa, Sabin Shrestha, Dil Shrestha and Saroj Khanal in leading role in this movie .  This movie will be directed by Ashish Bhetwal.  According to sources , Rekha Thapa told that she was impressed by the story . She told, she will be featured in an action role int he movie.  This movie will be made on an action and comedy story . Story  written by Shivam Adhikari of this movie .  Choreography by Kabiraj Gahatraj and action by Chandra Panta in this movie .  The cinematographer of the movie is Madan Kshyap Ghimire. Music by Deepak Sharma and Tanaka Budhathoki in this movie .

Hero Returns

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PREM GEET | Official Trailer Released

PREM GEETPREM GEET Nepali Film offfical trailer released .In this movie we can see the romance of two lovers . And restriction  of family . In this movie Featuring: Pooja sharma , Pradeep khadka , Saroj khanal ,Rupa rana ,Laxmi giri , Rajaram paudel.etc.. and  the story of movie is Written by Ramsaran pathak & Rajesh shrestha .Editing of movie is done by Surendra paudel.Music direcctor is Arjun pokharel and  Art director of this movie is Menuka rai and Publicity Design of the movie is by Anand maharjan  .Director of Choreography is done by Renasha bantawa rai  .Production manager  of movie is Milan sen thakuri and Production controller is Nabin puri and Producee of the movie is  Santosh Sen.This Movie is Directed Sudarshan Thapa .

The songs of PREM GEET movie are so romantic and heart touching songs . Sugam Pokheral and Anju Pant give vocal in the title song of this movie . Singer sing a song in a sweet voice.This movie Relesing in 12th fab 2016 (This Valentine). This movie based on  Romantic love story . Movie name itself reflects love in Nepali language.Genre of the movie is Love Story. Actors on the movie are Pooja Sharma, Pradip Khadka, Saroj Khanal, Rupa Rana and more. Music on the movie is done by Arjun Pokharel and the Producer of this nepali movie is Santosh Sen.


PREM GEET | Official Trailer Released | Watch online

credits Music Nepal