TUIN A story on World’s Dangerous Suspension Bridge

TUIN A story of suffering of Nepali

Nepali Movie TUIN is Movie based on a real story and real suffering of Nepali people. Nepali word TUIN means a Bridge based on single rope Suspension in which a Cabin is attached which person most pull to cross the river, like cable car but Manual and Risky. Many Part of Nepal, people are still using TUIN as a Bridge This is really a  risky and painful way of crossing river.Recently Telegraph also published a news on this  issue. This Movie features this problems as its base story.

Nepal Movie TUIN ( The Story About World’s Dangerous Suspension Bridge ) is Directed by Utsav Thapaliya.
Major actors on the movie are  Prisha Shrestha , Suraj Thapa , Prarikxit Bikram Rana , Bishal Dotel , Shyam Khadka , Chirag Thapaliya , Shreejana Uprety and more. Writer as well as Associate Director Mohan Gelal  told that this movie story has compared the hope and dreams of people with rope of TUIN. The lead artist role is centered on  a schoolboy (Suresh Thapa) who succeed to remain alive alone on the accident on TUIN in which his most of friend died.Producers of movie are  Shreejana Uprety’s producton house Prisha Production Pvt. Ltd in association with ICEF (USA ) .Concept  of movie was developed by Shreejana Uprety and Anjana Basnet.

The Story of Movie is very realistic. Cinematography is very well, captured awesome Beauty of Nepal all the greenery hills river and Village. Music on teaser is also very awesome. Suresh Adhikari has done Music on the move and snger is Pushpan Pradhan.

Watch trailer of Nepali Movie  based on story of World’s Dangerous Suspension Bridge

credit Higlights Nepal

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