Watch Aawaran Nepali full Movie featuring Priyanka Karki. Nepali movie Aawaran is directed by subash koirala. This Movie genre is thriller. The whole story of movie is plotted on the consequences after one mysterious murder. Priyanka Karki appears on the  movie as lead actress. Priyanka character name is  shubani in the movie. Priyanka karki struggles to finds clues and solution for this mysterious murder puzzle. Anyone who is fan of thriller movies this Nepali Movies is watchable.The name of movie Aawaran itself suggest the outer cover or the visible part , So the story of movie is plotted to find the truth beyond that related to murder in a suspense way.
The movie actors are  Divya Dev, Sushilraj Pandey, Naresh Poudel, Rashmi Bhatta and Rajan Ishan and more.writer of this movie is Anil Yonjan and Camera work s done by Hari Humagai.Movie is under banner of  Air crew Production.Priyanka karki new movies are Chakka panja  , LALTIN ,How Funny and More.

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