Actress Garima
hariyo khata laune hari and garima

Actress Garima married in Belgium and open Restaurant  .   Actress Garima panta married with hari sharma thapaliya . They are now in Belgium .They already start business together .  love between garima and hari came in media before 1 month . They opened Japanese susi  restaurant  .  Garima said about her business through facebook .

Before two years ago garima and hari meet in musical program in Europe . Afterthat garima mostly went to Belgium . Noone know about her married . Garima husband said that still we married and garima donot take decision  about her career what she do  may be she come in film line or may be in business .

 Actress Garima
Garima ‘s Restaurant

Garima Panta was well known for her performance in the movie “Jhola”. She also received ‘Best Actress’ award in SAARC film festival, which was held in Srilanka for her performance in this movie. Before this, she never received any awards in Nepal although she was nominated for around 7 times for best actress and best new actress.

Hari, who is a restaurant owner, was a married man. But, he has already divorced with his Chinese wife. If sources are to be believed, Garima is also ready for marriage.


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