Actress Richa Sharma is going to debut in french movie number one .  According to sources she is playing as Nepali girl in this movie .Hollywood movie the monuments man , I have loved you so long , lost in Rio and the pray are directed by director sarjai Hajanivisias . And now this number one also directed by  sarjai Hajanivisias .  For the shooting Richa is going to Himali area laddakh  of india .  In this movie there is the short role of Richa . is the main actor of this movie .  He was in kathmandu last week . For shooting of the film he went to india .  Kevadams share video in youtube and he share photos of nepal in Instragram .  Due to the technical problem there is not possible to shoot movie in Nepal so they made nepal set in india and the filmy team went to th india .  April 8 to 12 shooting start in laddakh of india  .Actress

Kevadams the main actor of number one movie

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