Recently Anamol Kc signed a New Nepali movie Kree with the highest recorded amount in nepali movies industry.He signed the contract for the upcoming movie Kree on 20 lakh nepali rupees which is reported as highest amount among Nepali Actors. Kree the name of the movie is derived from Sanskrit which meaning is revenge, so we can guess movie will be action and also with some love story. This movie is being directed by surendra poudel who already given movie like AAVASH . This is the Fifth movie anamol signed this year back to back , this movie kree will be under banner of super kajol films and subash  entertainment.Producer subash giri told that Anamol kc is the actual match for the story and they are happy to take him as hero on the movie since movie will be of high budget so anamol is offered highest amount.

kree Anamol Kc

Shooting of the movie is projected to start from FALGUN month.Producer Subash Giri has already produced two movies november rain and classic.Anamol kc is the Nepali celebrity with highest fan following mostly youngsters.His Recent Movie Gajalu is on theater from few days and getting good response. Nepali Movie Kri is expected to be a big blockbuster.

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