Awesome looks of Richa Sharma in ko Afno . Actress Richa sharma again show her talent by  acting on movie ‘KO AFNO’. This movie is Direction and Writing by  Anil Thapa. Richa sharma ,Susank Mainali, subas thapa, Menuka Pradhan, Rajan Khatiwada,Sudama CK,Shanti Giri are the artists of this movie .This movie is produced ,directed and written by Anil Thapa . In this movie there is the story of family who gives their son to rich family in hopes of their son’s education and a bright future.many year gone their son grow up but their is no any communication between the real parents and their son .However,mother is still hopeful that her son will return someday .By the time the son finds out about his true identity.

 Awesome looks of Richa |KO AFNO | OFFICIAL TEASER | Nepali Movie | Watch Online 

credits Anil thapa

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