BADAL PARI is the nepali fim .  In this movie we can see many artists – Bhuwan KC/Jal Shah, Dilip Rayamajhi/ Jharana Thapa /Nir Shah etc.  Producer of this film is  Binod Sherchan and also story written by  Binod Sherchan .   Ugyen Chopel directed this film .

Bhuwan K.C.  is a Nepali film actor, producer, and director. Although he started as a singer with hits such as “Jaage Saara Raat”, he went on to become a superstar of Nepali film industry acting in more than a hundred films, including some foreign films, in his film career of almost 30 years. Juni was his first film, although it was not commercial success. Samjhana was his first hit and it laid a good foundation for him to establish as a successful actor in Nepali cinema. His other successful movies are Nepali Babu, Karodpati , Kusume Rumal, Saino, Dakshina, Kanyadan, and Chino.

Jal Shah  is a Nepali actress . She is a very popular actress of Nepali movies. She started her career with a religious movie named Shreeswasthani in 1994 in a small role. She made debut in commercial movies in the movie Avatar in 1996 when she was just 14 years  which co-starred actors Rajesh Hamal and Gauri Malla directed by Prakash Sayami. Since then, she has acted in around 50 Nepali feature films. Her first superhit Kollywood/Nepali movie in a leading role was 1998 movie Thuldai starring very popular actor Shiva Shrestha and her in leading roles.

You can watch BADAL PARI Nepali Movie  from official source here 


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