BHRAM is  Nepali horror . Major actors on movie are  Karma Shakya, and Bhintuna Joshi as major lead actors. This Movie is horror and drama movie. The movie story is  horror after a  evil soul makes the life uneasy. There are not more horror Nepali movies  this is few of them.

Producers of this movie are  Shyam Lwaguna and  Suresh Gamal and Story and Direction is by  Rabindra Shahi
Cinematographer of nepali movie bhram is Krishna Shrestha.Choreography is done by  Gobinda Prabhat and Action is directed by Kumar Maharjan.Movie expected to released on 22nd Paush

Karma Shakya  is very well known after his debut movie Sano sansar, Adhyaya, Mrigha Trishna, Loot , First love, Suntali ,Resham Filili, Lukamari are the movie done by Karma shakya. Bhintuna joshi  is Model and actress her debut Movie as actress is Megha. Both actor and actress have also been acting on newari movies.

BHRAM Nepali horror Movie Trailer 

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