On Wednesday police  arrested two youth for their alleged involvement in piracy of Nepali movie ‘Dreams’. Bidhan Gurung   and Chandra Labaju  were arrested from the office of Highlights Nepal Pvt Ltd in Kathmandu . Highlihgts Nepal, were involved in the piracy.  According to the sources Gurung took the original copy of the movie to Chandra who took over the responsibility of distributing it in the market, illegally. Actor Bhuwan  demanded 1 corer for that loss . But now there made Agreement of 25 lakhs . There is agreement on Friday  Between Actor  K.C and Company Highlights Nepali for payed 25 lakhs . On the present of police  , Film Development Board (FDB) , Artists’ Association Bhuwan K.C and hihlights Nepal company made an agreement .  According to the aggrement Highlights Nepal should pay money in Three months to Actor K.C .  The movie ‘Dreams’ is the debut movie of Bhuwan KC as a director.

Agreement of 25 lakhs

Bhuwan K.C.   is a Nepali film actor, producer, and director.  film Juni was his first film .  Samjhana was his first hit movie in 1984 . His other successful movies are Nepali Babu, Karodpati , Kusume Rumal, Saino, Dakshina, Kanyadan, and Chino. He directed the movie  Dreams which was released on March, 2016, where his son Anmol K.C. played the lead role. Trishna , Sapana , kanydan , sathi ma timro etc are movies in which we can see Bhuwan  k.c as hero .

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