CHAPALI HEIGHT 2 is the sequel of nepali movie chapali height  which make binita baral so popular There is Marishka Pokharel and Paramita Rajya Laxmi to replace Binita Baral in the sequel. you might want to see Official Trailer of the movie before watching full movie. This movie is thriller romantic movie. The first part of movie was criticized due to the poster launching of movie in which almost nude picture of binita baral was featured. Watch the full movie and enjoy.

Aasma Films banner presented this movie chapali height. Producer of  movie is Arjun Kumar and directer is Dipendra K Khanal. The three leading actors in the movie are Aayushman Desraj Shrestha , Mariksha Shrestha and Paramita RL Rana. Galti Garau Na song of this movie  already hit the Nepali music lover. The major artist on this movie CHAPALI HEIGHT 2 we can see are Ayushman Joshi, Mariska Pokharel, Paramita RL Rana, Rear Rai, Muna Gauchan . Story of the movie is by Dipendra K Khanal who is also the director of the movie.Chief Assistant Director of this movie is  is Tara Neupane.

CHAPALI HEIGHT 2 Nepali movie watch from official source 


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