Rekha Films Present’s RAMPYARI . Song Title is Cham Chamti Pauju Haru . Singer: Thaneshwor Gautam & Mandabi Tripati .  Music by  Thaneshwor Gautam .  Cameraman is Shiva Dhakal .
artists are Rekha Thapa, Aabhash Adhikari, Aashma DC, Sabin Shrestha .  Choreographer is  Ramji Lamichhane ,  Editor: Arjun G.C and  Producer is  Sarswoti Thapa . Director is Shabir Shrestha .This movie is based on story of a auto rickshaw driver woman of Chitwan. In ‘Rampyari’ Rekha is introducing her nephew, Avash Adhikari, as the leading actor. Actress Ashma DC is featured opposite to Avash.Rekha Films Present’s . Shabir Shrestha is directing the film whose story is written by Rekha Thapa. Movie based on the story of a female tempo-driver and her struggle and love for the nation is presented in the film. Rekha’s films are always in the side of women . Rekha seen as the tempo-driver . Avash Adhikari is debut as an actor from the film. We can see Ashma DC and Avash romance in the film. Rekha Thapa has composed one love song for the film.


Chham Chhamti Pauju Haru  | RAMPYARI song  | Watch online from official source here


Rekha Films Present’s RAMPYARI
Song Title: Cham Chamti Pauju Haru
Singer: Thaneshwor Gautam & Mandabi Tripati
Music: Thaneshwor Gautam
Cameraman: Shiva Dhakal
Starring: Rekha Thapa, Aabhash Adhikari, Aashma DC, Sabin Shrestha
Choreographer: Ramji Lamichhane
Editor: Arjun G.C
Producer: Sarswoti Thapa
Director: Shabir Shrestha

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