Nepali Movie Dipendra Sarkar will portrait the mystery of royal Massacre and the hidden Love story of Crown prince Dipendra Shah. Producer for the movie Santosh Sen and the Budget of Movie is predicted around 6 crore. This movie will be based on Book Maile Dekheko Durbar. In the role of Prince Dipendra Actor Pradeep Khadka will be presented on the Movie. Lead actress on role of Lover of Dipendra  is still not finalized.

A  Painful story and history of Nepal A royal Massacre happened at 1 June 2001, In which all family of King Birendra of and Queen Aishwarya died. The incident was happened on the royal family party. The actual reason of Royal Massacre is still not unveiled with proof but many predictions and books are written based on this heartbreaking event. One of the popular book is Maile Dekheko Durbar written by Bibek Kumar Shah. He was then military secretary of the palace when royal Massacre was happened.

One of the reason predicted for the accident was the love of Dipendra Shah, its was buzz that he was in love with foreign girl ( Devyani Rana ) and it was not accepted by Royal family as he was the crown prince, So due to the reason prince Dipendra Shah did royal Massacre.



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