Nepali Movie Dying Candle Nominated for queens film festival (2016) in Three Different genres. The leading female actor of movie Dying Candle Srijana Subba, is nominated on Best actress. This movie is also nominated on Best Movie and Best cinematography.The Director of Movie is Naresh Kumar KC.

The Movie cast includes  Srijana Subba, Lakpa Singhi Tamang, Bidhya Karki, Saugat Malla, Arpan Thapa.Cinematography is done By Dipankar Sikder/Rabin Acharya. The Total duration of Movie Dying Candle is 126 Minutes.

Story Plot of Movie Dying Candle

Kshemi lives together with her sick mother and younger brother Tikpe in higher Himalayas of Kingdom of Nepal. She is a lot of sort of a son instead of a girl of the family. She did not marry as she had to appear when her 3 younger sisters, one brother and mother. when her father’s death she could not marry and leave her family, as she was frightened that they may starve to death if she leave them. She cares concerning her brother quite herself, therefore she buys him a try of slipper rather than hair clip for herself. however the slipper breaks. She tries fixing it. Failing to repair, she promises to shop for new one. Tikpe(Brother) exchanges the broken slipper with hair band for his sister while not realizing she longed for a similar terribly hair band. each sacrifice their wants for the opposite, till Kshemi’s sisterhood is tested in middle of the night. Brother’s bare leg gets seriously hurt whereas treating his sick mother through Associate in Nursing orthodox witch crafting. He must be treated shortly or his leg would possibly get amputated and he could die too. Kshemi is left with no choice however sell her dignity to save lots of him. Things begin to induce charged up because the stake rises once her mother’s illness intensifies. She has no choice however run off with an chesty and crooked wealthy sot Janak Lal, tho’ she favored Mukunda, an honest villager. Janak Lal takes full advantage of her weakness, promising to treat her brother in town if she elopes with him. He wins her physically however loses her spiritually, whereas Mukunda fights for her best, and wins her despite losing. To Kshemi, it had been perpetually concerning her brother than herself, thus she chooses to try and do the best for her brother’s safety.

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