Well its no more debate on Electric vehicle (EV) are the future to all. In Nepal many of us really realized the need of EV during the Fuel crisis because of Blockade. Thought very few options were there and the Infrastructures for operating EV smoothly (like charging station ) were none. EV in Nepal can replace other vehicle soon and march towards eco friendly technology if the government policy remain encouraging.

With proper Charging station and the Mileage of  EV , its really beneficial to switch to Electric vehicle in terms of eco friendly and in terms of saving your money. In current scenario a company KIA is partnering with Future green energy  company of Nepal for Developing Charging stations for KIA EV and selling their cars. They are already working hard to place EV charging station over the different places of Nepal.

KIA SOUL EV is on of the mid range car targeting Nepali market along developing EV infrastructure on other hand. Lets talk about on benefit of having EV in Nepal rather than Combustion vehicle. 

  1. less maintenance cost
  2.  low pollution
  3. No Annual taxes since government of Nepal only charge around 24% tax for EV in Nepal but more then  200% on other vehicle.
  4. Running cost is fractionally less

KIA SOUL EV might be great option for those because of its average mileage on full charge is 187 km and top speed is 145km/h. Charging the vehicle has multiple option home charging might take little long or you can go for fast charging on charging station.

EV in Nepal KIA SOUL

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