Taxi service are really unreliable in Nepal because of Price variation from taxi to taxi , Refusal by Driver to go to desired destination But you might not Know there are few companies Which are working really hard to create a reliable way to book Taxi Online In Nepal.

If we see globally there are many taxi services giant like OLA cab , Uber Cab but due to market size and policy problem their presence here at Nepal is Nowhere. This creates a Homegrown Talents to come forward to fill the Gap of Taxi service in Nepal.

ola cabs, uber cab or uber taxi has shown a very reliable services even in our neighbor country India but in Nepal we have Very few option till date , Today i am writing Few of the services where you can to book Taxi Online In Nepal.

For country like Nepal Booking Taxi Online has huge benefits , because there is no fear of getting cheated , or drop you somewhere despite of your actual destination and reliability will definitely Improve.

How to book Taxi Online In Nepal ?

  1. Sarathi : You can use the Sarathi app At play store and ios store simply register with your working Mobile Number and set your destination and wait for taxi , Features of App are developing day by Day or you can Book taxi directly via Call center 01-4217171. This online taxi  service of Nepal currently is one of the Most reliable way to get Taxi In Nepal. Visit for More Info. Since the service is currently focused on Few major city and expanding on Pace.
  2. eddycab : Another Taxi booking app operating on Nepal , App available  on Both 2 major platforms play store and IOS app store , you can book easily online taxi via app and pay after travel in cash , all the details and Invoice will be available on app itself  For more info visit Taxi Online In Nepal
  3. rajdhanicab  – get the app from play store , and easily book the cab , This service also provide long distance luxury vehicle for travel so it might be another useful service for your Ride.
  4. Tootle : Actually this is not Taxi service But a Bike service , This app is designed so user can get a ride or earn by giving service to another passengers , This might be another easy and cheap way if you are travelling lite , Since this service is currently focused inside Kathmandu valley. Get easily a quick ride on Bike via this app visit for more details.

Despite of this there are airport taxi service , or you can book the taxi directly on the spot But getting taxi from your fingertips with genuine charge and information might be different experience for you In Nepal. I hope the above list of apps and webs will make your day easy to get a Taxi Online In Nepal.


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