Fidget Spinner is a One of the Popular toy widely used even in Nepal , But every toy cannot be trending all the time. Now forget the Fidget Spinner Mokuru is a new trendy Fidget toy and companion for you. This is the Product from japan and this project was started from Kick starter.

Mokuru is the Fidget Toy getting trending all over the world and now available is Here In Nepal. Unlike Fidget spinner you can develop a lots of tricks and play in different ways with Mokuru. It has 9.3 cm height and 2.3 cm width which easily fits on Pocket and play everywhere you want. Its a desktop toy actually and can be played flipping it around and many other tricks. This is available on Major colors Black , white , orange , Blue .Red , yellow and Green.

Here is a Facebook page link Where you can get this cool Toy.

Fidget Toy concept started to develop small sized toys specially designed for keep hands busy. It helps your your mind to keep busy and minimize anxiety and encourage relaxation. Its actually developed to help focus people suffering with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). As these toys are highly addictive and keeps your hand busy which results to get relief from Anxiety.




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