i was randomly going trough the Reddit and found the sub-forum FreeMadhesh , though the sub-forum not much so trending but it’s worth noticing. The sub-forum clearly mentioned their intro as a peaceful movement in support of DR CK raut. As he is the popular leader who is actively seen on freemadhesh movement. Well its a controversial political  Movement , and some of the statement seems as hatred (personally) and some are logical. As its clearly states their demand of independent and sovereign Madhesh state.

Well here i have quoted their intro and link of sub Reddit for FreeMadhesh Movement here below. What i believe is everyone deserved to be listened , and the solution of dispute is in our hands from talks. I hope you are certainly curious enough to explore the movement and take some time to think.

DISCLAIMER: We at r/FreeMadhesh are in favour of the peaceful movement espoused by Dr.CK Raut and completely abhor any form of violence nor do we encourage it. Any post suggesting otherwise is not representative of the sub-reddit as a whole.

The Madhesh is a fertile region currently under the occupation of Nepal. Nepal gained control of the Madhesh after being gifted it by the British in the Treaty of Sugauli.

The inhabitants of the Madhesh have been subjected to various atrocities and state sponsored discrimination e.g. barred from joining the army or holding office. Now we must fight against the revisionist interpretation of history being pushed by them, we must correct this and spread the word of the atrocities being committed against us. We must let the world know of our existence and our movement through peace!

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