Bracelet, a Nepali movie directed by Nirmal Sharma and starring Namrata Sapkota, Rajani KC, Nir Shah, Ramesh Upreti, Sugam Sharma and Rhitik Shahi.The Heroine in the Movie is Rajani KC whose Movie Pardesi  was super hit across Nepal and Foreign.

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Ramesh Upreti,Rajani KC,Sugam Guragain, Namrata Sapkota are the artists of this movie bracelet . Camera man is Sudip Baral . Choreography of Kabiraj Gahatraj . Fight of Himal KC . Editor is Bipin Malla . This movie is produce by Producer Mrs Nita Bhattarai . This movie is directed by Director Nirmal Sharma . After Long time in Foreign Ramesh Upreti has done a Nepali movie Bracelet as comeback Movie.The story of Movie Bracelet is related to Teej festival of Nepal so the Release Date of Movie is also set on Teej (Bhadra 17) . The Director of Movie is Nirmal Sharma also popularly Known as Gaida Fom Television serial Tito satya. The Heroine in the Movie is Rajani KC whose Movie Pardesi was super hit across Nepal and Foreign. Rajani KC Two Movies are releasing on Teej Festival Lajjodi and Brac elet. In this movie Ramesh upreti and Rajani kc are the main character in this movie . Producer of this movie is Mrs Nita Bhattarai and Director of this movie is Nirmal Sharma .

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