A Action and Love story Nepali Movie Gangster Blues is on The floor. A Story of a Lover who turned in to  a gangster. A lots of action and Romance is on the Movie. Movie seems to be very strong On presentation and story. Dialogues and role of Villains are also very strong.

Hem Raj BC successful projects are Hostel , Sambodhan , Gajalu , and Jerry as movie director this is another super exciting project by Hemraj BC.Gangster Blues is debut movie of  Ashirman Desraj Shrestha (joshi). Executive Producer of movie is  Manish Pandit, an Producer is Saroj Neupane and Hem Raj BC.
Major Actors On movie are Aashirman Deshraj Joshi shrestha , Aana Sharma, Samyam Puri, Rojisha Shahi, Promod Agrahari , Ram Babu Gurung, Anupam Sharma, Aruna karki, Naresh poudel and Subash Thapa.Music on the Movie is Given By Kali Prasad Baskota. Action director of Movie is Samrat Basnet and Art Director is Sudeep Thapa.

Credits OSR Digital

Anmol KC was selected as an lead actor in the film before , but due to some reasons he isn’t in the film. Ashirman Desraj Shrestha was going to debut with the film . The film is expected to go on the floor from second week of magh. The story line of the film will be of Gangster love and a  new face for Nepali Movie is Ashirman in lead role. We wish Gangster Blues and Ashirman Desraj Shrestha (joshi) a huge success.

Aana Sharma debut Movie was jerry with Anamol Kc, she was on headlines many times with news of affair and breakup with anamol Kc. Her comeback Movie is Gangster Blues.

Ashirman Desraj Shrestha (joshi) and Aana Sharma in Gangster Blues poster
Poster of Movie Gangster Blues

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