New Nepali movie is Gham Pani is announced with two Nepali movie star dayahang rai and keki adhikari. Before Gham Pani movie keki was supposed to sign Nepali movie aishwarya  but later she worked with Gham pani. This movie will be under the banner of higlights nepal and cinema arts. Shooting of movie s scheduled from ashoj first week.

Gham Pani director is Dipendra lama and this is his first movie direction , previously this name is popular for movie critics.  Gham Pani is a truly love story movie but also mixed up with a humor , as we all expect some fun in movie of dayahang rai. This is the first time keki is sharing screen with dayahang rai with opposite major role. In this movie keki is role is a girl named tara who is brhamin caste and fall in love with dayahand who is of lama caste. so the story of movie revolves on the inter-caste love affair between two.

we wish the movie team a great success of the  movie. As a Nepali movie lovers dayahang rai acting is always appreciated by all and keki is also favorite actress of nepali movie world. This movie will also judge the director Dipendra lama so wishing dipendra lama for his successful debut as director.

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