After the huge success of Nepali movie bir bikram  Director milan Chams announced a new Nepali movie Happy days teaming up with Dayahang rai and priyanka karki as leading actor and actress for movie.In previous project of Milan chams (bir bikram) lead actress was Diya pun. According to the director upcoming movie shooting will be on different location of united Kingdom. Happy days Nepali Movie is the social drama movie with a bit of action and comedy. The shooting of movie will start from 14 October and planned to be released on April 2017.

Budget for the movie is estimated as 1 crore and 70 lakhs  since most of shooting are planned in foreign.The story of movie features two Nepali guys who struggles for a UK ID holder Nepali girl for their future. Music on the movie is by Taraprakash Limbu and the producers are Ashok bansal, BP khanal and bhawani sharma.

Happy days | New movie with Dayahang and priyanka directed by milan Chams
Milan chams between priyanka karki and dayahang rai

Priyanka karki movie Mero best friend  is about to release wheres Chakka panja  is already doing a very good business on theaters. Dayahang rai recent movie Bir bikram also done very good business on Nepali Box office.Another project of Dayahang rai is gham pani  in which he is playing with keki adhikari.


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