World Cup 2018 Football Is currently Kicking off and Many Nepalese are following the craze this biggest Festival of Football. This year Russia is holding the event and all the globe is connected via digital media to follow the Live matches. Still many of Us are unaware on How to Watch World Cup 2018 Football online Free Nepal.

Because of Our busy schedule or unavailability of  resources we might end up looking for the proper official way to Watch World Cup 2018 Football online Free on Nepal. Today we are discussing  few online services which will connect us from either Mobile devices or from web Browser which broadcast World cup football 2018 free or premium.

3 way to Watch World Cup 2018 Football online Free on Nepal

  1. Kantipur Hd : Since kantipur Tv and Nepal Television  has official rights to broadcast world cup football on Nepal , You can Visit the kantipur Live page from to Watch the broadcast Live or use The Kantipur HD app from the Play or app Store. This is completely free and has no cost for you to enjoy the worldcup game except the internet charges. I fond the app and website both decent and mostly works very smoothly.
  2. NET TV Nepal : Net Tv Nepal is IPTV service provider of Nepal and this is available on both App or web version but due to rights issue you cannot watch Nepal television or Kantipur on This app during World cup broadcast so you have to purchase Sports channel which will cost you 9 rs for SD channel a month and 15 rs for HD channel a month. Ten 2 channel broadcast on English commentary or Ten 3 broadcast on Hindi commentary so  you can buy Ten 2 or ten 3 and enjoy the football from the app or website. Go to if you want to watch on Laptop or you can get NET TV Nepal app from both play and app store easily. To recharge the your Net tv account you should have e-sewa account , Ipay , khalti or recharge card of NET TV Nepal app or using Ncell Mobile.
  3. Wow Time : This is also IPTV service backed By Nepal Telecom , Here also due to rights issue you cannot watch world cup on free channels so you have to purchase Monthly , daily or weekly subscription. 44 rs for weekly pack and 99 rs for monthly pack to unlock all the premium channel  including Ten 2 and ten 3 to watch world cup . Since to use this service you must have a Nepal telecom Mobile number because it Sign up using only Nepal telecom Mobile Number and recharging the app is very easy because you don’t need any other services charge will be deducted by Nepal Telecom Balance. To watch on Laptop or browser yo can go to or You can simply Download app to Mobile from Play store or app store.

I am pretty sure you might have got solution on How to Watch World Cup 2018 Football online Free Nepal , Feel free to comment on the post for feedback or you need to ask for any help.

all the services discussed above on How to Watch World Cup 2018 Football online Free Nepal is strictly only works inside the Nepal so if you need any other services for another country this will be not applicable.

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