Hurray Nepali Movie Is a Dark comedy Movie featuring Keki Adhikari and anup bikram sahi  and Bijay Baral on Lead role. Directon and story is by Yam thapa. The Movie features the story of the girl , who sells flowers as pashupatinat Temple. Keki and Anup previously worked together on Movie How Funny.

Major actors on Movie are Keki adhikari , Anup Bikram sahi , Bijya baral , Rajaram poudel ,Prakash ghimire ,ankit khadka , sangita napit and Upadesh Timilsena. Rajaram poudel is very well known comedy actors from various televison seriols like Jire khursani and Many Movies.

Shiva dhakal is Cinematographer of Movie , Music is Given by kaliprasad Baskota and rajanran siwakoti. This is the 2nd project of yam thapa is director his debut movie was rajja rani. Sonam Lama Blon is producer of Movie.

Sonam Lama Blon Producer of Movie with Kaliprasad Baskota and Yam thapa Director
Sonam Lama Blon Producer of Movie with Musician Kaliprasad Baskota and Yam thapa Director

Before this Movie movie  pashupati prasad was also based on story from pashupatinath temple. Pashupatinat temple is one of the holy places for Hindus.

Keki adhikari latest Movies are How funny , Mero Best Friend , Love sasha, I am sorry , Fanko , Laltin , Gham pani etc. Anup Bikram latest Movies are Bir Bikram , How funny , etc.

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