The movie artist on the role of hanumanji in pashupati prasad  Rabindra singh Baniya is going to produce another Nepali movie Jatra . He already tasted the success from as movie producer from the super hit Nepali movie Talakjung Vs Tulke .He evolved in the cinemas from theater (Drama).This movie jatra will under the banner of Shatkon Arts. The movie story is Unique. This movie based on the story of 3 shopkeeper (retailer) of the oldest market of Capital city Kathmandu. That is Asan and indrachowk. Story is mainly focused on these three character presenting their happiness , frustrations, pain.

The story of movie is by pradip bhattarai who have a long background and experience with Maha sanchar . He is also the director of the movie. Movie shooting duration is short almost one month , shooting of movie is starting from ashar 5 and the movie will release on Magsir 19. The Major artist are includes the team from the movie pashupati prasad like BARSHA RAUT, BIPIN KARKI. And PRAKASH GHIMIRE, RABINDRA SINGH BANIYA, RABINDRA JHA, PRABIN KHTIWADA etc.Most of actors on the movie are from theater (Drama).

Jatra new movie Poster

Jatra new movie poster

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