Jiwan Luitel ‘s Book release

Jiwan Luitel is not a new name in Nepali film industry. He is a good actor and a superstar of the Nepali Movie.This is less known about this chocolaty boy that he is also a poet. He says he has been writing since his childhood. Jiwan Luitel has ceased to write poems due to his busy carrier in the movie industry.Jiwan Luitel
Now all will get to read the poems written by Jiwan Luitel as he is releasing his poem book in a special ceremony this monday. He says that a poem named ‘Nayak’ which had been published 3 years back in ‘Kosleli’ has encouraged him to write more.
Jiwan Luitel is now releasing his poem collection book this Monday. Super star Rajesh Hamal will be releasing Jiwan Luitel ‘s Book in a special book release ceremony.
Rajesh Hamal who is currently in America will be back on Sunday for the ceremony. Jiwan Luital who is in Butwal for his movie shoot of ” Shubba Saab” will also return Kathmandu for his book release.
The poem book will contain more than 35 poems in it. The book is published by Pairavi Prakasan.

Jiwan Luitel is a already established name in the Nepali movie industry and this poem book must add a new profile and confidence in his carrier as it is believed that a person who writes poems are fool of sensitives.

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