There is kabaddi kabaddi There is kabaddi kabaddi  where is Dayahang rai .The sequel of the most popular movie of 2014 Kabaddi is Kabaddi Kabaddi. Most of the actors repeated in this new sequel of Kabaddi.  Nischal Basnet and Rajan Khatiwada  are not be there. Saugat Malla appearing in the lead role along with Dayahang Rai, Rishma Gurung and Aarjesh Regmi (a theater artist) among others. The story of “Kabaddi Kabaddi” start after Dayahang Rai and Rishma Gurung return to their village from Kathmandu.  the movie  again  shot in the beautiful sceneries of Mustang.

There is kabaddi kabaddi

Saugat malla piayed as a lover boy . He is fixed only in this role .  But Dayahang rai as s played as a kaji .  His speaking style touched the heart of viewer .  When  kaji come in movie all viewer  happy . Dayahang rai played very nice in his role . Actress Priyanka Karki seen in this movie as surprised packaged . She role as a x- girl friend of bamkaji  .

There is kabaddi kabaddi Kabaddi was very nice movie . And its squeal Kabaddi Kabaddi  also nice but all time one thing is not good . Always one taste is not good . The dialogue  and the speaking style of Dayahang rai touched the heart of viewer .

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