Kina Gare Maya Nepali Movie  is a love story Movie. Story of the movie focus on two major character who fall in love from the collage days and decide to Unite by eloping. After the marriage they have to face the difficulties on life and to maintain the relationship its hard for them. The movie is a nice representation of teen love.
Kina Gare Maya  Nepali Movie is Directed by  Ramesh Bogati. Music on the movie is given by Basanta Sapkota and Mahesh Khadka. This movie is presented under banner of Abhi Flims Producetion. Story of the movie is written by Dol Kumar Pyasi. Major Artists on movie are Aayush Regmi, Sanju Silwal, Saru Ghanal, Harish Timalsina, Susma Karki, Rashmi Bhatta, Dil Kumar Pyasi. You can watch trailer of Movie before watching movie.

Singer for the movie Kina gare maya are  Rajesh Pyal Rai, Deepak Limbu,Raj Timalsena,Manish Pokharel,Banika Pradhan and Dance is directed by Manoj Hamal and Suresh Pande.

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