Kis Kisko Pyar Karu a debut of famous standing comedian of the popular show Comedy Nights with kapil is released.

A well known director also known as thriller specialist Abbas-Mustan with David Dhawan and Kapil Sharma features a film version of Kapil Sharma’s  comedy show. Kapil who was on screen like a single man standing-comedian he is being shown in Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu as one man with three wives. This is a four comedy shown in a one. The actual comedy is seen to be showen on TV as a better part.

Depending on viewer’s sense of humor, this film could be a comedy or a tragedy one. For Kapil Sharma’s fans, the answer might be clear after watching the movie . But for others, the only funny moment in the film comes with Sharat Saxena playing as Kapil Sharma’s on screen father , explaining his own infidelity with lyric from old song:

“Ek hawa ka jhoka aaya,
Toota dali se phool
Na pawan ki na chaman ki,
Kis ki hai yeh bhool?”

kis kis ko pyar karu

Kapil Sharma who plays as Kumar in the movie, whose own placement in the situations is explained as a series of accidents.

Biwi Number 1, Manjari Phadnis as  Juhi , is a forced promise on Kumar by his dying father.

Biwi Number 2, Sai Lokur as Anjali, is forced upon Kumar by her deaf don brother, Arbaaz Khan as  Tiger bhai.

Biwi Number 3, Simran Kaur Mundi  as Simran  is shown to trap Kumar by herself  when her own groom runs away.

Since Kumar wants to be a good husband to all his wives he takes idea from his lawyer friend Varun Sharma as Karan who advises him to buy three flats in a same building which would provide him to spend more time with all of  them.

And with the idea Kumar moves to Cocktail Towers with his three legally wedded wives, each of whom thinks she is the only one of their husband. The husband is shown to bid his morning goodbye by standing at the building gate and waving and giving a good-bye kiss to all three wives standing at their balconies, one above the other.

In fact it can be noticed that this film is totally not about logic. It is to show how smart Kumar is when it comes to managing his lies and keeping away all the truths from his wives. Here we cannot abstract the detail,  what actually Kumar does for living other then dress up smartly and carry briefcases.  And the viewers are expected to laugh at the ideas and strategies Karan generates in order to save his friend’s rear end. The falling of an underwear from one wife’s washing line to another wife’s balcony is seen to be explained so illogically using Newton’s gravity in a joke that may only have made sense to the movie makers and the maid who droped the underwear.

Here it is shown that Kumar deals with his marital stress by  ignoring his stress by passing his time with a girlfriend, Deepika (Elli Avram). Now the next plot adds up more stress to Kumar that, when  he is not hiding from one wife or the other, he is shown to be hiding all three wives  from Deepika and her dad. The film rushes through in a mall when everyone; the wives to Deepika’s father and Tiger bhai  who are together there and occurs a  game of hide and seek. Lame April Fool jokes come into play and new materials grow with the full moon at the occasion of Karva Chauth night.

The one good thing about Kis Kisko Pyar Karu is the pace at which Abbas-Mustan keeps the film moving. Had he given more believable situations and logical lines, the movie might have been better. Finally,  if you think a scene in which  Kumar hanging down a wall and bringing in the moon, makes you laugh, go watch Kis Kisko Pyar Karu , but at your OWN RISK.

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