As we all Know AP1 Tv has already Done some good work to Introduce International Franchise Shows In Nepal Like Nepal Idol , The same television Network has Introduced The Nepali Version show “Ko Bancha Crorepati” of  Popular International Franchise Show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. Or we may be More familiar with The Indian Version of Show “Kaun Banega Karodpati”.  This Show is purely a Quiz Game Show with the 1 Crore Top Prize Value.

This Show is expected to air from the month of May (2018) on AP1 Tv. SRBN Media is Taking care of the production and the cost will be around 15 crore Nepali rupees. And the coolest Part of the show is Rajesh Hamal the Most popular Actor From Nepali Cinema Industry will be Hosting This Show. 

The Original Show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ was first started on UK  by  David Briggs, Mike Whitehill and Steven Knight. Till Now this show is adapted in More then 160 countries. As the Title suggest of the show Top Prize is usually 1 million. The Show  has almost same Identical rules but might have slight differences country to country.

Usually The Show selects Participants From the Fastest Finger Round , A round where Participants are asked to arrange the 4 questions answer in correct order who does the first will get the chance to play further for the maximum Prize amount. The Contestant will have life lines like 50/50 , Phone The friend , audience poll to achieve higher level on the game. Each question answered by contestant will take them further to the Higher prize value using Lifeline , or the contestant can also quit the game with the certain amount in Hand.

How to Participate in Ko Bancha Crorepati Nepal’s show

  • Keep Updated on when the registration will Open in  (Expected on chaitra/baishak)
  • Register on the website to get chance of Participation on Ko bancha crorepati
  • As you know the First selection will be From Fastest Finger Round so a app has been released on play store and App store to practice you for Fastest Finger Round and Other Quiz Topic wise, You can play same as on Show and the app has also leader-board so you can compare yourself with other participant (Search “Ko banchh crorepati” on your app store app by SRBN media)
  • Most of all gather all the Knowledge , who knows what question will strike you

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