Kusume Rumal is a Nepali Movie from 1985 Ad(2042 BS). This Movie is a pure love story Movie which is based on triangular Characters Amar ,Suniti  and Arjun. Udit Narayan Jha is on role of Amar , Tripti Nadkar is in Role of Suniti and Bhuwan Kc in role of Arjun. Director of Movie is Tulsi Ghimire.

Amar and suniti are on role of College-mates , wheres Arjun (Bhuwan kc ) is in role of Poor farmer. This Movie was a Blockbuster  performer on the history of Nepali cinema Later its record on box-office was break by same directors  Tulsi ghimer’s movie Darpan chaya.

Tripti Nadkar was very well known actress of the era her popular movies were Kusume rumal , Saino , Lahure , Koseli and more. Udit Narayan Jha is well known Playback singer on Bollywood as well in Nepali Movies. He was born on saptari district of Nepal. Kusume Rumal and Pirati was the two Nepali Movies he has done as actor.

Kusume Rumal is under the banner of Sayapatri Films Presents and Director of Movie is Tulshi Ghimire
Major actors on Movie are Tripti Nadkar, Udit Narayan Jha, Bhuwan K.C, Pradip Pakharin, Bishowmani, Lakki Lama, Radha Nadkar, Arjun Gimire, Sanu Rahagal, Hira Kumar Singh, Sharwan Gimire, Dipak Sarki, Nirmala Gajamer, Mani Diyali, Ham jayaga, Nir Shah. Music on the Movie songs is given by Legendry Ranjit Gajmer and Singer are Udit Naraya, Dipa Jha, Sharwan Gimire, Bharati Gajmer.

Kusume Rumal 2 was also made to take forward the story as a 2nd generation of Kusume Rumal Movie But many viewers accused saying the story was copied from Hollywood Movie a Walk to remember.

You can Watch Full Movie kusume-rumal from Official Source 

Kusume Rumal Songs

All songs of Movie are very Hit and still very loved on Nepal, Kusumerumal Movie songs are:

Title song Kusume Rumal (By Udit Narayan,Deepa Jha) Kainchimar Saadi  (by Bharati Ghimire, Shrawan Ghimire) Timi Nabhaye (by Udit Narayan ) Suna Bhana Na (by Udit Narayan,Deepa Jha) Bhuligaye Samjhana Lai  (by Bharati Ghimire ) Reli Khola Bagara (BY bharati Ghimire).

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