Kyaram Ta Ni   by Basanta Sapkota  .  Vocal  given by Basanta Sapkota and Music  also of Basanta Sapkota .
Lyrics  of Prabha Acharya . Music Arranger  is Uday Raj Poudel . In this video  we can see  Paul Shah And Nita Dhungana as artists and other also . Choregrapher by  Prashant Tamang . Visual Editor  is Suprim Parajuli .
This video is directed by Director Dipendra kc .  This video is produced by producer Dinesh Khadka . The company is Kalinchowkdigital Nepal Pvt.Ltd.

Basanta sapkota gave music in many songs . like Filmy songs , modern songs  etc. He is a good in music and now he brings a music video by his own vocal and his music . This song is different then other.  In this video we can see a model and also actor of nai navannu al 4 paul shah . paul saha  worked in many music videos .  Neeta Dhungana is an actress and a model of Nepali film industry.  Nita Dhungana  debuted from the Nepali movie ‘Kisaan’ . she is also a successful model.

 Kyaram Ta Ni | By Basanta Sapkota  | Watch online here


Song Title : Kyaram Tani
Vocal : Basanta Sapkota
Music : Basanta Sapkota
Lyrics : Prabha Acharya
Music Arranger : Uday Raj Poudel
Artists  : Paul Shah And Nita Dhungana
Choregrapher: Prashant Tamang
Visual Editor : Suprim Parajuli
Director :Dipendra kc
producer: Dinesh Khadka

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