Nepali Movie Lootera  with major role of Action star Nikhil Upreti as in role of a don. This movie was released on November 13 (Kartik 27) on theaters and now available to watch free online. The leading actress on move lootera is  Nisha Adhikari . During the release tme of movie Nisha was back to nepal after long time staying there. The actors on the movie including nisha adhikari and nikhil upreti along with Sabin Shrestha, Harshika Shrestha, Anubhav Regmi etc.Music on the movie is by Basanta Sapkota and Arjun Pokharel. The Basanta Kumar Sharestha produced the movie. Tesring Dorjee Lama. Direction of Daya Ram Dahal . Watch trailer of nepali movie lootera.

 Nikhil Upreti as don in movie Lootera

Nikhil upreti is featured in the role of  a don in the movie. The acting and action of  Nikhil Upreti is really good and its really Nepali Good movie. Nikhil Upreti is making his fame as as action hero and this movie is another example of it. Nikhil upreti upcoming action movie is King and Nirbhaya. Watch Bhairav  superhit nepali movie of nikhil upreti. Please comment and share the movie of action star nikhil upreti.

Nepali Full movie lootera is available on official source 

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